Valerie Hodder artist/craftsperson, newfoundland & labrador


As a child, I played with the porcelain figurines hidden in each box of tea we bought.  As an adult, in memory of these childhood figurines, I  designed and produced my own small porcelain sculptures, using the theme of the saltwater scenes that surrounds us on this beautiful island.  Thus began Saltwater Spirit.  My wine/bottle toppers being my first product.  They are all original designs, individually handmade and fired twice in my kiln.  I sometimes add new items seasonly, but all these are consistent in my product line.

Recently, I was looking for a small paint palette to take on vacation with me.  I couldn’t find one, so I made one.  Of course, that turned into another product that I offer - whale tail palettes and humpback whale palettes.  I like to hang my palette up, so I put a hole into it.

During one Christmas season, I delighted in making small fish ornaments for my friends and family. A friend commissioned me to make a few for them to give as gifts, as well. They have been added to my line of products.

All fine art prints are individually hand printed on my press using archival ink and  archival paper.  The greeting cards are on non-archival paper. 

Thank you for visiting my site. 


Saltwater spirit NL